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In the age of instant messaging and digital media, here is a blog that celebrates attention and focus on language. I launch this blog to profess my love of the English language. I fell in love with English early in my youth, when I was in high school, struggling to master the difference between “occasional” and “periodical” after an English teacher berated me in class for not knowing better. I was discovering the first stirrings of love in my heart in the heart of India, a former colony of Britain. I was growing up in Bhilai, now in the state of Chattisgarh, India’s hinterland.

I became a journalist and then a communications professional when I grew up. English has stayed one of my life’s loves. I wrap my mind around the language as a speaker and writer – mostly as a writer.

This blog celebrates that love and reflects my effort to master the English language. It has been a labor of love. I ponder the different strains of English spoken and written in England and America — and India and other countries. My blog will examine grammar and usage issues – and writing as a craft. Love of Language will, I hope, make the reader, too, think about the finer points of English and engage in discussion and debate. Welcome to the blog.

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